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Emerald guide

You have entered the most thorough, concise and fun guide to understanding emeralds on the internet. In the next half-hour, you can know enough about these beautiful birthstones for the month of May to shop for and buy them with confidence and complete peace of mind. Emerards of top quality don’t take a backseat to any stone in value. A large stone of exceptional beauty can sell for over $20,000 per carat! Although emeralds are mined in several locations such as Zambia and Brazil, Colombia,South America has long been known as the capitol for mining the most beautiful of these unique stones. The rich bluish-green stones mined from Muzo have set the standard for judging top quality color in emeralds.
In the following chapters, you will learn how to judge top quality color, clarity, what treatments are acceptable, what deceptive practices to look out for, and we’ve even included a handy shopping checklist you can print out and take with you on your adventure into the wonderful world of emeralds.